About Scenic Ridge

the freedom of choice

Scenic Ridge is a brand new exclusive estate with tremendous appeal for investors and lifestyle seekers alike. With a diverse range of home sites that cater to a wide variety of budgets, life stages and family requirements – all Scenic Ridge home sites are blessed with hinterland and ocean views.

The average lot size at Scenic Ridge is 840sqm with land prices starting from under $350,000. The Estate offers traditional residential sites, through to duplex and acreage sites. Acreage blocks at Scenic Ridge offer rural hinterland living, coupled with inspiring ocean views – an extremely rare combination, difficult to find anywhere else in Australia – especially at such an attractive price point.

Lasting Value

The diversity of land options at Scenic Ridge will result in a finely-tuned balance of homes throughout the estate. This balance is complemented by the Developer’s vision to celebrate and preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding area. High-end landscaping, upgraded road access and flourishing streetscapes add to the unique appeal of the Estate, while also contributing to the long-lasting value of the development.

Now is the perfect time to build your dream home in Bilambil. Scenic Ridge offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a brand new community estate with an entry-level price point in a high growth area.