Retreats launched

The much-anticipated Retreats at Scenic Ridge have been officially launched, bringing to the market a combination of space, privacy and amazing views to the Coolangatta coast.
The contrast between the residential lots in Stage One and the 5000sqm Retreats in Stage Two is also reflected in the enquiries.
While Stage One lots were quickly snapped up by mostly locals and Brisbane residents, a large amount of enquiry for the larger lots in Stage Two is coming from interstate (and also New Zealand).
As the Retreats sites are being cleared for drainage and sewage installation, their scope and potential has become clearer and potential purchasers can arrange an onsite inspection with Sandi to physically walk the site to better appreciate what each lot has to offer.
It is a rare opportunity, indeed, to secure large lots like these that are fully connected with town water, sewage, underground power and NBN.
Already, four of the nine Retreats are under contract, with only five still available.
Available lots are listed below with size and price.

Lot 2 Harmony                                              4216 sqm                                                     $499k
Lot 5 Oasis                                                    5144 sqm                                                    $550k
Lot 6 Freedom                                               5.37ha                                                         $699k
Lot 31 Essence                                              4246 sqm                                                    $595k
Lot 45 Sanctuary                                           1.12ha                                                          $550k

Owners begin design process

Top soiling of the majority of the residential blocks in Stage One of Scenic Ridge has commenced, in particular the sloping sites off McAllisters Road and Lots 27 to 29. 

Once the common access driveways are completed, hopefully by the end of October, this will mean owners can arrange for their builders to conduct soils tests and survey plans to help finalise house plans.

Sandi is already helping with a number of builders who have been engaged by owners to prepare house designs.

This is an exciting time for those that are already planning ahead and once the common driveways are completed it will be even easier to visualise just how your new home could be positioned on your block.

In anticipation of this design enquiry the Design Review Panel has now been set up to review individual building submissions and answer any queries on specific allotments.

It is vital that your builder, architect or designer follows the Estate Design Guidelines in their planning and, if feedback or clarification is required along the way, they contact either Sandi on 1300 808 646 or email direct to the DRP via

The aim of the design guidelines is to ensure the value of all properties within the estate is protected.

One significant change to the Design Guidelines is that the requirement to have your landscaping plans prepared by “a person with Landscape Design or Horticultural qualifications” has now been considered a little too onerous and this requirement has been waived by the DRP to reflect the following:

We know that some of our future residents are talented landscapers/gardeners and more than capable of preparing a satisfactory landscape design.  For this reason, we are happy to waive the requirement for a qualification to be shown on your Landscape design when submitted to the DRP for approval.

Need a lift?

An enormous amount of infrastructure goes into building a new estate, although you won’t see most of it when the estate is finished. One of the large pieces of infrastructure being lifted into place at Scenic Ridge recently was a huge filtration GPT (Gross Pollutant Trap). 

It’s not the sort of thing you can just get your mates around after work to lift off the back of a ute. Instead, a 100-tonne crane needed to be brought onto site. It might be a boring bit of infrastructure, but, as you can see from the photos, it provided some interesting viewing for the day.

Rocks repurposed

Scenic Ridge has certainly taken shape over the past month. But part of that “shaping” process involved digging up some rocks – a serious amount of rocks!

The rocks have been repurposed by creating the rock swales that surround the two dams on site.

In addition, large amounts of lantana and other weed varieties were removed and the dam sites beautified.

The unearthed rocks are also being used around other perimeter areas, including estate boundaries along Lot 41 down to the Estate Service Lot.

This ecologically thoughtful approach not only saves the cost of removing the rocks off site but adds significantly to the aesthetic elements and making sure the estate is in keeping with the natural environment.